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Plasma Sterilization Deodorizer O3ION1402-B

Power supply: DC12~14V
Unique trace ozone + negative ion generator
Self-detection intelligent protection circuit
Ozone (O3) generation: about 20mg/Hr
Electrode plate dust removal and cleaning automatic indicator device
Door opening safety protection device

Let's get to know the O3ION1402-B plasma sterilizer and deodorizer in a short 1 minute!



Ozone is called active oxygen, and its molecular formula is O3. It is colorless at low concentrations and has a grassy smell. At high concentrations, it is light blue and has a strong spicy taste. Ozone is a slight ion combination, and the combination state is extremely unstable. It will decompose slowly at room temperature. Because it can be restored to oxygen, it is easy to separate single oxygen. It is called nascent oxygen. It is extremely lively and has good reactivity. Next to fluorine and 600 to 3000 times that of chlorine
Complete the functions of sterilization, deodorization and detoxification. The speed of ozone decomposition will be different due to factors such as heat, light, moisture, PH value, etc., and will also be accelerated by the action of metal metal oxides and other catalysts; when active bacteria meet the lethal concentration of ozone, they will Immediately deactivate it Ozone will immediately reduce oxygen after decomposing with substances.
Negative ion introduction:
1). Dust removal: Negative ions combine with smoke and dust particles in the air to make them electrified. Due to the effect of static electricity, the static smoke and dust particles are attracted to the ground and settle.
2). According to experts, when the content of negative ions in the air reaches 1,000~2,000 per C.C.
It is beneficial to human health. When the content of negative ions per C.C. reaches 5,000~50,000, it will increase immunity and resistance
When the content of negative ions per C.C. is as high as 100,000~500,000, it can help the recovery and treatment of diseases
3). Negative ions are good for people. They can improve human brain function and improve mood; while positrons have the opposite effect
Some surveys have shown that people are very active and excited before a heavy rain. We think this is again related to changes in charged particles in the air
Thunder and lightning can increase negative ions in the atmosphere, and negative ions make people happy.
4). Negative ion air is good for people's mood. One of the reasons why people like to travel to mountains is that the air there has a lot of negative ions.



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