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O3 (Ozonizer)

Ozone element Overview
120mg ozone generator tube sheet
250mg ozone generator tube sheet
40mg pottery ozone generator
4mg plasma ozone + ion is
ozone resistance and low noise PUMP


用簡短的1分鐘來認識臭氧產生器 Ozonizer吧!



輸入電壓:AC110V or AC220
臭氧產生量:120mg/hr or 250mg/hr

1. Ozone can be dissolved in water, oxidation particularly strong:
Strong oxidation power of ozone can be dissolved in water and the decomposition of organic matter. Disinfection and purification of water, reduce toxicity, while copper, manganese and other heavy metals oxide precipitation of fine
Bacteria, viruses, micro bacteria and other microorganisms have high bactericidal effect.
2. Decomposition of pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables:
Ozone into the water immersion fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables can remove surface pesticide residues, destroy bacteria, parasites. Be safe to eat after treatment.
3. Inhibit food spoilage:
Meat thawed at room temperature, the process can easily be contaminated, it will be thawed meat into the water through the ozone, in addition to inhibiting the growth of bacteria and prevent corruption outside, and you can go to
In addition to the unpleasant smell.
4. The tableware disinfection:
After detergent cleaned dishes, cups, etc., and then to the ozone water immersion cleaning detergent surface residues may be in addition to the decomposition. And kill bacteria attached to it and so on.
5. Health care:
Ozone water bath vanity can promote blood circulation, the body's metabolism, activation of cells beyond the effect of antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatory enabled no side effects, analgesic,
Sterilization, detoxification and other functions, and thus achieve the effect of disease prevention and health and beauty.
6. aquarium purification:
The right amount of ozone added to the water, you can disinfect, inhibit algal blooms, prevent corruption feed the fish, in order to avoid the deterioration of water quality and therefore makes the fish sick. After the decomposition of ozone into oxygen can be restored immediately, so that the dissolved oxygen in the water increase and enhance the vitality and viability of the fish.
7. Environmental disinfection, clothes washing bleach:
Wipe the floor with ozone water can kill bacteria attached to the surface of the floor, the virus. After the reaction is the reduction of ozone into oxygen, no residue to cause secondary pollution. Ozone is added to water, dirt can be decomposed clothing and appearance, reduce the amount of detergent and wash water of, in addition to sterilization, the decomposition of the residue and the surfactant in the laundry, to prevent the stimulation of the skin, and the residue was decomposed new clothes methanol, to avoid health hazards.
8. Clean air:
Ozone and anion complexes, capable suspended in the air of dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi bud sub adsorption fixed, and be decomposed sterilization. For toxic gases, ozone will be able to fully decompose or neutralize and reduce toxicity.
9. Fresh fruits and vegetables:
Food fruits and vegetables to prevent corruption. Inhibit mold, bacteria, bacillus, bacteria, such as E. coli breeding, often objects to extend storage time, save the original food is delicious, fruit ozone decomposable release ethylene gas, suppression after-ripening; extend the shelf life of fruit.
10.odor deodorization:
Indoor toilet smell from all the ammonia smell, fumes from the kitchen smell. Accumulation of rancid garbage, cigarette smoke, pesticides, taste, musty wardrobe and shoe's, and gasoline, etc., can be effectively eliminated.
11.Prevention of infectious diseases:
Athlete's foot fungus, pyogenic bacteria, virus, wound bacteria, and other germs most original, viruses, etc., ozone can be effectively sterilized, bacteria suspended in the air can be effectively sterilization and decomposition, and prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases.



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